Friends and Family having fun and celebrating life

Short videos of our family and friends laughing, sing and celebrating life after complete a final mass in Isamar’s name.  Hope you enjoy and thank you for all the love and support.

Message from Hector Luciano Jr

God has a new angel in his hangs, I had been privilege to share 38 years in her love.

My sister Isamar is the most amazing loving person, with her smile, she could move mountains with her strength she would lift your heart. It did not matter what problem you had ,you could always count on her. Even though she was fighting cancer, she never stop living, never helping and never stop providing to her kids, the family and friends. If you needed, she would give you her back. She truly had an angel spirit.

If you knew my sister, you already know that she has always been a fighter, there was nothing she could not overcome. As kids she had a competitive spirit, I remember the day when she and I competed in swimming in open ocean and without any fear she jump in and so did I following my big sister. She was my salsa dancer partner, so many amazing memories we had. In my recent years she pull me out of moments that only an angel could have. I know that we all have the same story. Remember that if you want to see her, take a look at Micheal, Matthew and Alexander she is in them and as well in our hearts. And It is with all my strength and loved that I tell you, I am proud to be Isamar bother and I can tell you she is now living and rejoicing with our lord and saviour.